Tony Kaanta - CREW CHIEF

Tony has an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice (CVTC) and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (UW-Stout). His responsibilities in the race shop include overseeing the entire preparation of the race car to include assembly, body fabrication, and final set-up. At the track, Tony focuses on chassis adjustments to accommodate changing track conditions. When he's not racing, Tony is an independent contractor working at Mars Race Cars.

Kris Kaanta

At the track, Kris help out with all aspects of the car. He is also involved with some of the background work associated with the team and updates the Kaanta website on a regular basis. After serving 5 years in the U.S. Navy and receiving a degree from UW-Eau Claire, Kris is currently working as a Software Developer at Menards.

Dean Johnson

aka: MacGyver. Dean has been with Kaanta Racing since the early 1990's. He provides a great amount of attention to the race car. Dean focuses primarily with the power plant of the car as well as drive-line components, and spends a good deal of time looking at the stucture of the car after each and every race. Dean is a retired foreman at Ken Vance Motors in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Rick Krumrie

Rick has been with Kaanta Racing since the beginning...1979. In those early years, Rick was the sole builder of every engine John raced. Rick focuses his attention to the engine on and off the track. Rick is the service manager at Rick's Auto Care Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Doug VanZee

Doug is from Corsica, SD and travels many miles each season to visit the Kaanta Racing team. When Doug makes an appearance he is always working on the car in some way. Doug surprises us with his spontaneous appearances each year and gives us hope that there may be an extra crew guy at the next event. Doug is an owner-operator of C & D Trucking.