Description Price
Chevy 362 c.i. Brown Engineering Wissota legal late model engine; fresh.14,995
Wilwood brake calipers; set of (4)75/ea
Complete set of (6) Integra shocks prepared by CMD.$2000
Numerous coil-over springs. Afco, Integra, Carrerra, Hypercoil15/ea
Birky style torque arm; 2-piece with aluminum arm150
16v Turbo Start battery charger100
KRC rear drive spline PS pump150
2009 Mastersbilt from Mars frame. 2" round tube. No front clip.500
Sweet rear-drive (hex) PS pump150
Driveshaft; new 37.5" Fastshaft aluminum shaft; no yoke200
Wehrs style aluminum J-bar75
Isky SBC rev kit ($149.95 new)75
Coleman wide-5 wheel spacer 2"40
Aluminum radiator; 27 1/2 x 20 x 3. Has minor repair.95
Driveshaft; used 37.5" Wiles steel shaft; no yoke70
Driveshaft; used 39" Wiles steel shaft; no yoke70